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$1,300 budget gets 47 million YouTube visits

14 Mar

Tatia Pllieva is such a genius. She runs a clothing line called Wren Studio. Pllieva very brilliantly featured her collection on ten pairs of strangers and asked them to kiss.

Her idea was simple. And her budget was just $1,300.

Did she launch an entire YouTube campaign or Twitter campaign for her video? Nope. She went old school. She simply emailed the video to 21 people. That’s all it took. An email.


James Franco & Seth Rogan Bound for Greatness

26 Nov

Thank you for taking Kimye’s trashy video and turning it into a real work of art. Absolutely brilliant!


Moët & Chandon champagne vending machine

22 Nov

Moët & Chandon champagne vending machine

Now that’s the spirit!


Google Search: Reunion

20 Nov

The art of storytelling is alive and well. Done right, it can transcend cultures, language barriers, and even political barriers. This Google ad just made me cry. It’s really beautiful.


Drunken Tiger ‘살자 The Cure’

19 Nov

Drunken Tiger is a hip hop artist in South Korea. I love the beat and illustrations for this. His wife, Yoon Mi Rae, also a hip hop artist sings with him.


25,000 dominoes and lots of patience

13 Nov

Paper Transformed Into Art

20 Sep



I just stumbled onto the artwork of Yulia Brodskaya, a talented Russian-born artist who lives in the UK. Her work has been featured everywhere from ads for Hermes to a feature in “O” magazine. Her work is seriously amazing. 

I also discovered Canadian artist Elly MacKay in this month’s “O” magazine. Her work is so stunning and breathtaking. She creates these gorgeous small scale paper scenes that are absolutely dreamlike and filled with delight and wonder. She also sells prints of her work on Etsy.