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WTH. My sister-in-law just joined Facebook last week.

22 Sep


And the only reason she joined was to check out pictures of her friend’s baby. I couldn’t believe I actually know someone my age (33) who wasn’t connected or using any social media; she hasn’t joined Twitter, YouTube, or Flickr either. Heck, she only has a hotmail account and it’s the same one from college.

It just blows my mind that she’s been able to function without any social media. To be disconnected to that level like it’s 1997 is just crazy to me. I asked her how she survived so long without it. She said she emails or calls people. Imagine that.

Will Facebook change her? Will she call her friends less? Will she start sharing her life through status updates? Will she become closer with her friends? Will she and I become closer? It will be interesting to see how Facebook changes her life.

Razorfish’s Social Influence Marketing Report

26 Aug
Inside of Razorfish's Social Influence Marketing Report

Inside of Razorfish's Social Influence Marketing Report

Cover of Razorfish's Social Influence Marketing Report

Cover of Razorfish's Social Influence Marketing Report

I’ve been meaning to post Razorfish’s Social Influence Marketing Report for sometime. So here it is in all its glory. Read it. Learn it. And understand what Social Influencing Marketing aka SIM is all about. It’s 56 pages, so it’s gonna take awhile.

By the way, can I just say that I hate the term “social influence marketing.” It’s lame. Why not just say “consumers are in control?”

ibeatyou suckas

9 Jun is a great social site. I first noticed the site when I watched a YouTube video with Jessica Alba. She challenged some users to a staring contest. It got my attention and it made me curious.

Once I played around on the site, I discovered you can challenge anyone to anything. Cutest kid in the universe. Craziest stranger in the background of a picture. Best Korean song. The sky’s the limit.