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Google Instant tells you what to expect with sons & daughters

8 Nov

Ever wonder what it’s like to have a son or daughter? Well, there are differences and Google Instant can tell you all about them.

Google Instant "My Daughter"

Google Instant for "My Daughter" and it looks like girls are lonely, filled with hate and love to talk.

Google Instant "My Son"

Google Instant for "My Son" and it seems they are quite an enigma.

Google Instant "My daughter is"

Google Instant for "My daughter is" and it looks like you've got lots to worry about with daughters. From suicidal tendencies to pregnancy and paying for a wedding, your hands will be full it seems.

Google Instant "My son is"

Google Instant for "My son is" and boys are bad to the bones. You're son is likely to be a bully, a drug dealer or he's headed to prison.

Google Instant "My daughter loves"

Google Instant for "My daughter loves" and you get nothing. Sorry, your daughter will never truly love anything.

Google Instant "My son loves"

Google Instant for "My son loves" and it seems sons love their dad way more. Sorry moms! And they also love rapping. Who knew!

Google Instant "My daughter likes"

Google Instant for "My daughter likes" and well your daughter will either like other girls or she'll like wearing diapers. I guess fashion is at the heart of every girl. I guess Pampers was smart to put out those pricey jean-style diapers.

Google Instant "My son likes"

Google Instant for "My son likes" and it looks like there are way too many paranoid parents out there. Girl toys? Pink? Really? And sons also like feet? Guess sons grow up to have foot fetishes.

Google Instant "My daughter can"

Google Instant for "My daughter can" and look at all the negativity. Daughters can't pee, make friends or stop coughing. Well, at least they can sing.

Google Instant "My son can"

Google Instant for "My son can" and I guess sons are constantly being told what they can't do instead what they can. Looks like sons can't do anything.

Google Instant "Being a good parent"

Google Instant for "Being a good parent" and it looks like most parents have no clue what it takes to be a good parent. Sad, isn't it?

So what has Google Instant taught us about the difference between sons and daughters?

  1. Daughters will be lonely. So give them attention. In fact, you will spend your entire life worrying over them and protecting them.
  2. Sons are tough. They could end up behind bars or overdose. But they love their dads, so if dads spend even more time with their son and continue to be a role model, sons will most likely become rappers. And that’s way better than going to jail.
  3. Daughters struggle with a lot of things. From who they like to to making friends, parents need to continue being parents long after they learn to walk.
  4. Parents need to stop being negative and focus on the positive. Stop telling your sons and daughters what they can’t do and tell them what they can.

Well, my little one just woke up. So I’m done for now.

Your Google Profile is now public

23 Apr
My Google Profile

My Google Profile

Wow! So the main reason I’ve been blogging is to create my own digital footprint. I hated when I googled my name, it never pulled up. At least it never pulled up me specifically. Mainly because I have one of the most common names ever. So now that the word on the street is Google has made our profiles public, it got me thinking. How important is to me that I’m searchable? Do I really want people to know where I work, what city I live in, what my kid looks like, etc? Especially with so many psychos out there.

Profiles when you search for Elizabeth Phillips

Profiles when you search for Elizabeth Phillips

By the way if you don’t want your profile to go public, you can always hide it. Read a great Fast Company article about this here.

Article about your google profile going public

Article about your google profile going public

Interact 2008 September 29-30 Washington DC

6 Oct

I attended Interact 2008. They had a ton of speakers from shops like AKQA, Sapient, Razorfish, Adobe, R/GA, Google, Cisco, etc.

Taking it all in–and boy was there a lot to take in–here are the conclusions I came to.

Traditional advertising is a one-way dialogue.

Print: “Read me.”
Radio: “Listen to me.”
TV: “Watch me.”

We dictate what people should know, think, feel. We don’t care what they have to say. And we don’t want to know. Traditional advertising is completely about the client. I’m talking to you. But I’m not listening to you.

Interactive advertising is a two-way dialogue.

Mobile/Web: “Interact with me.”

We want to know what’s on users’ minds. The good, the bad and the ugly. You are talking to consumers. And they are talking back. They are expressing themselves. You are building an experience so they interact.

Everyone’s creative. Creatives. Account folks. Brand planners. Studio peeps. Administration. Even consumers. Involve consumers. Let them be a part of the conversation, the experience.

Why do we depend on media to advertise our projects? (i.e. banners to promote a new site, emails to promote a new benefit.) How come we never ask users or involve users in spreading the word? Bloggers? Gamers?

Help the world. And get $10 million from Google.

24 Sep

This is serious. Small or big. Here’s your chance to make a difference and get paid to do it. Share your idea with Project 10 to the 100.

Check out the CNN article.

U.S. Lawmakers Question Deep-packet Inspection aka DPI

5 Aug

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30 online giants–like Google, Comcast, and Microsoft–were sent letters from U.S. lawmakers about the nature of their targeted online ads. They are concerned about consumers’ privacy. They are interested in learning more about ad-targeting practices, how many people have been affected, and whether consumers were even aware they were being served targeted ads. Read the article.

I’m interested to see what the outcome is. I think U.S. lawmakers will be surprised to learn how much is being tracked.

Cuil is here. Google better watch its back.

30 Jul

Former Google employee, Anna Patterson has teamed up with her husband and a few ex-Googlers to launch a competiting search engine called Cuil. Cuil means knowledge in Irish.

Cuil is pretty amazing. It searches more web pages than anyone else on the planet. Three times as many as Google. And the beauty of this search engine is that web pages are based on relevancy and content. Hello Search Engine Optimization! Google currently bases their results on popularity.

Try it out. The design is clean and simple. And the results are really good. Boo!

AdTech. Yes, yet another Adserving company you have to know about

16 Jul

AdTech. It’s new–at least in the America. It’s a German company that’s popular throughout Europe and it’s got Gannett (and its corporate parent, AOL)as its first big client. So you better pay attention. AOL currently uses AdTech to serve half of their ads and it’s only a matter of time before the rest gets served.

Now that AOL’s not so dependent on Google, what will that mean? With all these ad serving marriages like the Google-Doubleclick, Microsoft-aQuantive, and WPP-24/7 Real Media ad serving marriage, Gannett-AdTech will definitely be one to watch out for.