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Free Mossimo jeans at Target

21 Feb


Ever since I saw “Extreme Couponing” I started couponing. At first it was out of curiosity. But now, I’m addicted.

I have slashed our grocery bills by 50% consistently. The highest I’ve gotten off was 87%. And well, some of the deals I’m finding are just too good not to share with the world.

Right now, there are tons of Mossimo jeans on clearance at Target for $4.99. My Target has 9 rows of them and had pretty much every size and style–included jegging, boyfriend, etc.
Go to the Target coupon center and print out the $5 off select womens jeans coupon here.

It’s on the first page.  Also, be sure to print it fast because the coupon makes them totally free and because there’s a limited number of coupons available.  I printed a second one out, so now I get another free pair. You can’t beat free.

Free Hello Kitty Animated Emoticons

9 Jun

Hello Kitty Fly

Sanrio is giving away 15 Hello Kitty emoticons you can use anywhere. Click here to download now.

Hello Kitty emoticons

Hello Kitty Chill

Hello Kitty

Free Birth Announcements from Kodak

24 May


Kodak is giving away 2 sets (20 total) of 5X7 Birth Announcements. No coupons. All you need to pay for is s/h. See the free Kodak offer. (Normally a set of 10 is $8.99.)

Free Portfolio Site for Web Designers, Copywriters, Art Directors, Photographers and Creative Types

21 Oct

I posted about free portfolio sites earlier this year and would like to continue to post ideas to help out. Lots of people are getting laid off. Lots of people are on unemployment and money is tight. So if you’re looking for a free portfolio website, consider WordPress.

WordPress is a great content management system (CMS) so for those people who don’t know code, you can easily make the changes yourself.

Plus, several designers are offering free portfolio-theme templates so you can easily showcase your work. So if you don’t know code, don’t worry. And if you hate all of the examples, just pick any of WordPress’ free templates on their site, because you can upload jpegs of your work into any WordPress template–not just these free portfolio themes.

Please note that when you use a free portfolio theme, you must give the creator of the theme because of the creative commons license.

1. PORTFOLIO. So far, it seems like the best free WordPress portfolio theme available. It organizes the work and has an area for you to write the client, URL, and a little description. Download it here.

Free Portfolio Site

Free Portfolio Site

Here’s some examples of people who used the template above:



2. KEEPITSIMPLE. It offers nice a nice image gallery to show off your work. Download it here.

Free Portfolio Site

Free Portfolio Site

3. IMPRESS. It offers nice scrollable thumbnails to showcase your work front and center. Click here and then click on the direct download link.

Free Portfolio Site

4. CP CODA. It’s geared toward web designers. It works in every major browser. Download it here.

CP Coda

5. WPESP. Great for designers since it can be modified to your needs. Comes with a tutorial so you can see how to adapt the Coda Slider Effect script. Download it here.

Free Portfolio Site

Here’s a link to my earlier posting about free portfolio websites.

*** I would like to give a special shout out to Knowtebook for providing me with the research for this.

Twilight’s “Bella’s Lullaby”

27 Apr

So I finally watched “Twilight” to see what all the hype was about. It’s total teenage angst. Stares from across the parking lot. Fingers touching. And a whole lot of high school awkwardness. In a time when you think all teenagers think about is sex, it’s nice to know they still dig good old fashioned romance. With lines like, “You have no idea how long I’ve waited for you” it’s easy to see why teenage girls everywhere are freaking out over Robert Pattinson.

I don’t think I’d give it anywhere near 4 stars, but I’ll say it’s entertaining to a degree. It would have been cooler to see them battle more especially against the rogue vampire. And at times, Edward’s accent or acting rather was odd. Maybe it was intentional.

I expect to see a lot of kids with the names Edward and Bella being born this year. For all you fans, I’ve included a few clips for you–even though you’ve probably watched the movie a million times already. Or if you too embarrassed to be seen watching the movie, check out the clips in your own privacy.

Here’s the first time Edward and Bella see each other:

Here’s Edward and Bella’s first conversation:

Here’s the infamous car crash scene:

Here’s the restaurant scene:

Here’s the cafeteria scene:

Here’s Bella and Edward in the forest:

Here Edward calls Bella his personal heroine:

Here’s Edward and Bella arriving at school:

Here’s Bella coming over to Edward’s for dinner:  

Here’s Bella in Edward’s room:

Here they are kissing:

Here’s the ballet studio scene:

Here’s the fight scene:

Here’s some outtakes and the house scene:

Edward saves Bella:

Here’s their prom date:

Here are some outtakes of Twilight:

Here’s the New Moon Trailer:

Free Chick-Fil-A for a year!

17 Apr
Just take a quick survey for a year's worth of yummy chicken sandwiches.

Just take a quick survey for a year's worth of yummy chicken sandwiches.

Holy moly! Chick-Fil-A is giving TEN people free food for a year just by taking a quick survey. Click here to enter!

Vote! Change the world. And get free coffee from Starbucks!

4 Nov

That’s right. Brave the cold tomorrow and cast your vote. Then get a boost from Starbucks. Just tell them you voted and they’ll hook you up with a free cup of coffee. Sweet!