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Lars Bastholm in quite possibly the most boring interview ever

22 Apr

Lars Bastholm, formerly at AKQA, is now at Ogilvy as the Chief Creative Digital Officer of North America. I was hoping this video would share more of Lars’ incredible wisdom, but alas, it made me realize that Ogilvy has no idea about his talent and brilliance. The questions were weak. Super weak. I mean c’mon, challenge him. There’s so much cool stuff happening in the digital space and all you got Lars to say is that brands should be integrated and agencies should work together instead of being siloed. Duh!

I can already tell Lars has his work cut out for him. Hopefully, the people at Ogilvy listen to him and get behind him. There’s nothing worse than working for an unsupportive team who doesn’t give a shit about digital and is pretending like they care because it’s the cool thing to do.

Lars Bastholm Leaves AKQA and Joins Ogilvy?!

1 Apr

One of the biggest faces of AKQA has left to join the dinosaur known as Ogilvy. What made a man who worked for a shop that pushing boundaries and breaking new grounds leave for a traditional agency that has a long game of catch-up to play? I will definitely be paying attention to Ogilvy’s digital work now that Lars Bastholm is the man running the show there.

With traditional agencies trying to keep up with the digital demands of their clients and digital agencies trying to dig their way out of digital boxes, it’ll be interesting to see what Bastholm does for Ogilvy. Read the story here.

Lars Bastholm joins Ogilvy

Lars Bastholm joins Ogilvy

AKQA Lars Bastholm

9 Jun

Every person who works in advertising should watch this.

It’s long and it was filmed a year ago. Even so, it’s still a fantastic interview with AKQA’s LarsBastholm.

Now that people are spending more time online, how come agencies don’t allocate their budgets more to interactive? Why do agencies spend $1,000,000 producing a television commercial and just $100,000 on a microsite? If the commercial is supposed to drive traffic online, shouldn’t the budget be distributed better?

Some ad people embrace interactive. Others, not so much. It’s these others that concern me. Today, users are shaping our culture and affecting what we do as advertisers. Users are smart, creative, friendly, interesting, funny, talkative, and powerful. To not embrace the medium is to turn your back on users. And when you do that, you might as well call it a day.

This is a great example of telling a story to drive people to the web.