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Lee Michelle (이미쉘) “Without you” (위드아웃 유)

30 Mar

I am not a huge K Pop fan, but this song by Lee Michelle is amazing. I love that she did a song about the prejudices she faced in Korea growing up. Being mixed myself, it was really moving. Especially the scene where the little girl cries. It gets me every time.

Rihanna’s “Only Girl (In The World)”

19 Nov

I am so loving her latest hit.

Rihanna Only Girl

“Erase Me” by Kid Cudi ft. Kanye West and McLovin

17 Oct

Lily Allen “The Fear” Video

6 May

Ironik “Tiny Dancer” featuring Elton John and Chipmunk

1 May

I’ve always liked “Tiny Dancer” and can’t believe it’s making a comeback. Check out the latest Ironik “Tiny Dancer” song. What do you think? Is this one of those classics you don’t eff with or are you feeling this remake?

Digging it? Here’s his song “Stay With Me.”

Get your lollipop on!

22 Apr

Check out this Korean video for a group called Big Bang featuring 2NE1. The song is called “Lollipop.” I love all the colors. The costumes are cute. And the beat is bubble gum yum pop.

Akon “Beautiful”

8 Apr
Akon "Beautiful" Video

Akon "Beautiful" Video

Akon’s video has been disabled. But you can still listen to “Beautiful” thanks to this dude’s video.

Lionel Ritchie + Akon + The Bahamas

17 Mar
Lionel Ritchie and Akon "Just Go"

Check out Lionel Ritchie and Akon’s newst song “Just Go.” They give a nice little shout out to The Bahamas.

Here’s the remix:

What Hurts The Most

10 Mar

If you need a good laugh, check this out!