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Kid President gives America a pep talk

11 Feb

My five-year-old loves this video. He has watched it at least ten times. His favorite part is, “…And it hurt man!” It makes him crack up every time.

I really love this Kid President, too. Great delivery.

Chevy Sonic Super Bowl Spot and More

4 Feb

This Chevy Sonic spot is incredibly entertaining. Everything about it is cool. The music, the tricks and the fact that it’s for Chevy.

This Chevy spot is hilarious thanks to its awesome casting.

And the Chevy YouTube Channel is beautifully designed and makes me want to look at everything, which is saying something. Because these days, with two little ones and a third on the way, I have literally zero down time.

I love it when babies dance

11 Nov

Two-Year-Old Smokes 40 cigarettes a day

27 May

Seriously? Parents in Indonesia started letting their toddler smoke when he was 18-month-old. Now he’s addicted. And he smokes at least 40 a day. If he doesn’t get the cigarettes, he throws a tantrum and bangs his head into the wall. So what? I would let them bang away.

The government is willing to give the family a car if they can get their son to quit smoking. But the dad thinks he’s okay. WTH! Check out this toddler puff away. Looks like he’s been smoking for years.

This is why I love YouTube

14 May

BooneOakley’s New Website

17 Jun
BooneOakley Homepage on Youtube

BooneOakley Homepage on Youtube

There have been many tweets about the new BooneOakley website. Some tweeted, “Huge.” “Web 3.0.” “Brilliant.” If you haven’t seen the new BooneOakley website, click here to check it on YouTube. That’s right. The entire website is on YouTube. This small agency in North Carolina has managed to create an agency website that is actually cool and smart. And it makes you wonder, why does a website have to be a website?

BooneOakley Website on YouTube

BooneOakley Website on YouTube

Sometimes, I feel agencies try to convince their clients to think outside of the boxes. And then you look at the agency website and it’s safe. And that’s sad.

BooneOakley Website on YouTube

BooneOakley Website on YouTube

BooneOakley Website on YouTube

BooneOakley Website on YouTube

BooneOakley Website on YouTube

BooneOakley Website on YouTube

BooneOakley Website on YouTube

BooneOakley Website on YouTube

BooneOakley Website on YouTube

BooneOakley Website on YouTube

Manny Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton Fight on May 2, 2009 in Las Vegas

3 May

What an incredible fight! Can anyone stop Pacman, the Thrilla from Manilla? Nice try Ricky Hatton. After watching this fight end after just 2 rounds, I’m thinking Manny Pacquiao is unstoppable. 

Big Pacquiao fan? Check out his Nike website.

Even Bunnies Fart

1 May

It’s just one of those Fridays.

The White House has its own YouTube Channel

28 Apr
The White House YouTube Channel

The White House YouTube Channel

If you have nothing to do tonight, how about watching the Presidential news conference LIVE on YouTube? See what Obama has done in office during his first 100 days.  Click here to go to the White House channel.

Web Banner for The White House Channel

Web Banner for The White House Channel

Get your lollipop on!

22 Apr

Check out this Korean video for a group called Big Bang featuring 2NE1. The song is called “Lollipop.” I love all the colors. The costumes are cute. And the beat is bubble gum yum pop.

“The Internet Symphony” Global Mashup

15 Apr
The Global Mashup

The Global Mashup

In case you didn’t know, YouTube has a symphony orchestra. And they recently had a contest for amateur musicians to audition for their symphony. They had to submit a video of their performance of a new piece written by a famous Chinese composer named Tan Dun.

Anyway, they mashed up a bunch of the entries and created this really cool Internet symphony.

Sorry, YouTube disabled the embed functionality. Check out the YouTube Symphony Orchestra. It is very cool.

Attend YouTube University or MIT for FREE

9 Apr

YouTube Video Education

With college costs rising, why not watch some free classes on YouTube? YouTube and colleges–like Harvard and Stanford– across the country have teamed up and are offering tours, lectures and a lot more. Visit the YouTube educational channel here.

Learn how to make cupcakes from the Culinary Institute.

Or if you prefer MIT, take one of their many free online classes.
The MIT OpenCourseware offers 1800 classes to choose from. This has been around since 2002, but just wanted to share. To start studying at MIT, click here.