Free Birth Announcements from Kodak

24 May

Kodak is giving away 2 sets (20 total) of 5X7 Birth Announcements. No coupons. All you need to pay for is s/h. See the free Kodak offer. (Normally a set of 10 is $8.99.)

One Response to “Free Birth Announcements from Kodak”

  1. Dawn May 24, 2010 at 9:23 pm #

    I think I live down the block from you

    Don’t forget iPhone Birth Announcement apps.
    Check out for “Our family of iPhone Birth Announcement Apps for Your family”
    ItsAGirl! ItsABoy!ItsAGranddaughter! ItsAGrandson! ItsANiece! ItsANephew! ItsTwins! ItsTwins2! ItsABrother! ItsASister!

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