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President Obama is hiring creatives

24 Jul
President Obama is hiring creatives

President Obama is hiring creative

That’s right. Want in on BarackObama.com? Well get in line and submit your resume now. The people that run President Obama’s web presence are hiring a creative director, graphic designer, videographer, front-end web developer/information architect to work on BarackObama.com and Democrats.org

What are you worth? And are you making it?

29 Jan


Average Copywriter Salaries in DC




I hate myself–for being so weak. I am not being paid anywhere near what I should be. And I understand the economy is in the shitter and I should be lucky to have a job. But this has been going on a for a long time.

For some reason, and it’s probably fear, I can not bring myself to ask for more money. Even before this economic crisis happened and salaries were frozen, I couldn’t ask and it bothers me.

A lot of my comrades say you gotta leave if you’re chasing dollars. But why? If I leave, they’ll hire someone to replace me and they’ll make a whole lot more than I’m asking.

It’s so weird that our livelihoods depend on money and yet, I can’t or rather, won’t fight for it.

Maybe I feel like it would be too awkward. Maybe I wouldn’t be able to counter his argument. Maybe I’m afraid he’ll fire me. Maybe I feel that he feels that I owe him. I know, I know.

I remember when I was in high school and I thought about the future, I thought how exciting it would be to make $35,000 a year. (I grew up in a very small town obviously). And I can’t believe that’s how little I expected. I guess I didn’t value myself. I still don’t apparently.

Every industry is different. Tell me about yours. Are you getting what you’re worth. If not, how come?