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Bid on Crispin’s Intern Auction

27 May

I hate that I post about Crispin as much as I do. But dammit, they keep coming up with shit so crazy, it’s worth posting about.

So now they’re running an auction on ebay where you can win strategies/concepts by interns. Current bid is over $10K right now. Unreal! What a great deal for clients.

UPDATE:   Winning bid:    US $17,655.00

CP+B Ebay Auction

CP+B Ebay Auction

CP+B Intern Auction

CP+B Intern Auction

Is your big idea worthy of a press release?

13 Apr
Crispin's Burger King Cologne

Crispin's Burger King Cologne

It’s an interesting approach and it seems to be working for CP+B. It seems like this is a lesson straight out of this book I discovered while at Brandcenter. It’s called “How To Be More Creative” and it was printed in the 70’s and the only place I’ve ever found it is in the gift shop at the Hirshorne Museum in DC. One of the lesson is about how we stop too soon. I remember Jerry Torchia used to say this all of the time. We stop way before we’ve come up with the really big idea. And I guess this press release idea is one way to make sure you push yourself further and don’t stop too soon.

“One thing we do as we begin a creative project, instead of working on specific media, we write press releases about our ideas. For example, a press release for the Whopper Freakout campaign would say, “Burger King announced today they would be removing the Whopper from their restaurants.” It would go on to talk about consumer outrage. It’s a good way to determine whether you have a rich idea or not. If an idea is good enough for someone to write about, it’s probably good enough for someone to talk about.

We don’t want to find some trend and then do advertising that basically lies about the product to attach it to the trend in the hope that it will sell. If it’s Burger King, and we want to help guys who are being inundated with the notion of metrosexuality, understand that it’s OK to have a killer burger — that’s a great path.”


So how do you write a press release? Learn some basic PR rules here.

Crispin + Burger King + SpongeBob = 99 cent Square Butt Burgers

9 Apr



“The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC) has launched a letter-writing campaign demanding that Nickelodeon and Burger King immediately pull a new, “highly sexualized” television ad for BK’s 99-cent SpongeBob Kids Meal.” Read the rest of Media Post’s article.

Softwear by Microsoft

10 Dec

Those kids at CP+B are at it again.

This time they’re launching their own
clothing line featuring MS DOS, Bill Gates’
mug shot, etc.

With the help of Common (a super duper hip
hop artist), they created Softwear by Microsoft.
Unreal! Seriously, check it out.

Here’s the link to Softwear by Microsoft.