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Chris Rock’s “Good Hair”

16 Sep
Chris Rock tries to understand what good hair is.

Chris Rock tries to understand what good hair is.

One day, Chris Rock’s daughter asks him, “how come I don’t have good hair?” So Chris Rock sets out to find out what the good hair hype is all about. This comedy explores the $9 billion African-American hair business, its products including creamy crack, weaves and extensions, and relaxers–to better understand the quest for good hair

Eric Proulx’s “Lemonade”

7 Aug

Everybody is getting laid off in advertising these days. And there are no signs, the layoffs will stop any time soon.

Eric Proulx was a copywriter/ACD at the Arnold Worldwide headquarters in Boston. He was laid off in October and started a blog called Please Feed The Animals. His blog gives advice to newly laid off advertising victims and lets them guest blog. His blog has had a shit load of success and because of all of the support, he wanted to do more.

One thing became clear to him. The people who were laid off changed. Not for the worse, but for the better. They were doing things that would never have been possible if they were still working in advertising. Even changing their sex. This phenomenon got him to create a documentary called “Lemonade” about what’s happening and what happened to all of our fallen comrades.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Check out the “Lemonade” website to learn about more this incredible journey and movie.

“New Moon” Sneak Peek

24 Jul

This Twilight mania is so hilarious! Check out the sneak peek video of “New Moon” someone taped at Comic Con.

The TRANSFORMERS 2 Trailer has dropped

3 May


“Grey Garden” is a*m*a*z*i*n*g!

28 Apr

I just saw “Grey Garden” and it’s seriously amazing! The chemistry between Barrymore and Lange is incredible and the story is just so unique. I had never heard about Edith and Edie Bouvier Beal. An inseperable mother and daughter who lived a very loving life in absolute squalor. This HBO movie is going to win big!

Here’s the trailer:

Here’s a clip from the real Edith and Edie Bouvier Beal from the original documentary.

Here’s the original trailer for the documentary:

Twilight’s “Bella’s Lullaby”

27 Apr

So I finally watched “Twilight” to see what all the hype was about. It’s total teenage angst. Stares from across the parking lot. Fingers touching. And a whole lot of high school awkwardness. In a time when you think all teenagers think about is sex, it’s nice to know they still dig good old fashioned romance. With lines like, “You have no idea how long I’ve waited for you” it’s easy to see why teenage girls everywhere are freaking out over Robert Pattinson.

I don’t think I’d give it anywhere near 4 stars, but I’ll say it’s entertaining to a degree. It would have been cooler to see them battle more especially against the rogue vampire. And at times, Edward’s accent or acting rather was odd. Maybe it was intentional.

I expect to see a lot of kids with the names Edward and Bella being born this year. For all you fans, I’ve included a few clips for you–even though you’ve probably watched the movie a million times already. Or if you too embarrassed to be seen watching the movie, check out the clips in your own privacy.

Here’s the first time Edward and Bella see each other:

Here’s Edward and Bella’s first conversation:

Here’s the infamous car crash scene:

Here’s the restaurant scene:

Here’s the cafeteria scene:

Here’s Bella and Edward in the forest:

Here Edward calls Bella his personal heroine:

Here’s Edward and Bella arriving at school:

Here’s Bella coming over to Edward’s for dinner:  

Here’s Bella in Edward’s room:

Here they are kissing:

Here’s the ballet studio scene:

Here’s the fight scene:

Here’s some outtakes and the house scene:

Edward saves Bella:

Here’s their prom date:

Here are some outtakes of Twilight:

Here’s the New Moon Trailer:

Blue Penis+Boobage+Violence= “Watchmen”

17 Mar

First off, I have never read the “Watchmen” book. Second, I dig comics–especially comic-inspired movies. But I gotta say, “Watchmen” wasn’t all that and a bag of chips.

“Watchmen” was uber violent and filled with tons of shots of Dr. Manhattan’s big blue penis and boobage. The scene with JFK and the rape of Sally Jupiter were horrifying. The costumes were cool. But the connections between the Watchmen characters didn’t feel real. What’d you think?

As Silk Spectre
As Silk SpectreWatchmen SceneDr. Manhattan and Laurie

Dr Manhattan Blue Penis

silk spectre and night owl

Silk Spectre and Night Owl.

UPDATE: Holy mother, thousands of you have looked at this post and clicked on the tiny thumbnail of Silk Spectre. I feel bad. I guess you were hoping you could see her nude. It looks like Malin Ackerman is the new “it” girl. And you all are insanely in love scouring the net for her. Well, I hate to disappoint. Click here for the uncensored sex scene since you’re all a bunch of horny mofo’s.

Silk Spectre comparison

Watchmen's Sally Jupiter

Watchmen's Sally Jupiter

Old school movie photo

If you’re in love with Silk Spectre aka Malin Ackerman, check out some pics of Malin Ackerman all glammed up!

Check out Silk Spectre’s facebook page!