Blue Penis+Boobage+Violence= “Watchmen”

17 Mar

First off, I have never read the “Watchmen” book. Second, I dig comics–especially comic-inspired movies. But I gotta say, “Watchmen” wasn’t all that and a bag of chips.

“Watchmen” was uber violent and filled with tons of shots of Dr. Manhattan’s big blue penis and boobage. The scene with JFK and the rape of Sally Jupiter were horrifying. The costumes were cool. But the connections between the Watchmen characters didn’t feel real. What’d you think?

As Silk Spectre
As Silk SpectreWatchmen SceneDr. Manhattan and Laurie

Dr Manhattan Blue Penis

silk spectre and night owl

Silk Spectre and Night Owl.

UPDATE: Holy mother, thousands of you have looked at this post and clicked on the tiny thumbnail of Silk Spectre. I feel bad. I guess you were hoping you could see her nude. It looks like Malin Ackerman is the new “it” girl. And you all are insanely in love scouring the net for her. Well, I hate to disappoint. Click here for the uncensored sex scene since you’re all a bunch of horny mofo’s.

Silk Spectre comparison

Watchmen's Sally Jupiter

Watchmen's Sally Jupiter

Old school movie photo

If you’re in love with Silk Spectre aka Malin Ackerman, check out some pics of Malin Ackerman all glammed up!

Check out Silk Spectre’s facebook page!

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