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KFC Chicken Flavored Nail Polish is Finger Lickin’ Good

6 May

KFC customers in Hong Kong are being treated to edible Original and Spicy Chicken Flavored nail polish. Talk about bringing that tagline to life.

How to get perfect red lips by one of the bravest women ever.

12 Oct

Reshma Qureshi, an incredibly courageous 18-year-old was attacked last year by her estranged brother-in-law and some men in Northern India. These jerks held her down and poured sulfuric acid on her face. It is so easy to buy acid, it’s as easy as buying lipstick. #EndAcidSale

Meet the Fuccons, the inspiration for Old Navy’s mannequin campaign

21 Sep

The Fuccons are a fake ass American family living in Japan. The Fuccons are really creepy, because they’re American-looking mannequins. They look like a nice family. But they’re far from it. They have a potty mouth. The children hit their parents. And the parents are rude as hell to each other. Is this Japan’s perception of modern American families?

Eric Proulx’s “Lemonade”

7 Aug

Everybody is getting laid off in advertising these days. And there are no signs, the layoffs will stop any time soon.

Eric Proulx was a copywriter/ACD at the Arnold Worldwide headquarters in Boston. He was laid off in October and started a blog called Please Feed The Animals. His blog gives advice to newly laid off advertising victims and lets them guest blog. His blog has had a shit load of success and because of all of the support, he wanted to do more.

One thing became clear to him. The people who were laid off changed. Not for the worse, but for the better. They were doing things that would never have been possible if they were still working in advertising. Even changing their sex. This phenomenon got him to create a documentary called “Lemonade” about what’s happening and what happened to all of our fallen comrades.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Check out the “Lemonade” website to learn about more this incredible journey and movie.

A CP+B Art Director Created Tischen

29 Jul

User Profile on Tischen

User Profile on Tischen

Tischen is a free site created by Saman Rahmanian, an art director at CP+B. Tischen lets your search for local help that are available right now for free.

Tischen is a beta and only works in NYC for now. Hopefully, more users join and see its simple user-friendly brilliance. Because I would love to use this in DC.

What I really dig about Tischen is it’s exactly what Craigslist would be if the site actually evolved. I use Craigslist a lot and whenever I do, I get so many responses every day. Sometimes, it’s takes forever to screen. What’s nice about Tischen is you get to see an actual photo of the person to make sure they’re not crazy. Users also share what services they offer, their training and experience, and then they pitch why you should hire them.

The site also shows a calendar for each user so you can see their availability today. Check out Tischen here. Or follow Saman Rahmanian on Twitter for some creative inspiration.

From a 650-pound virgin to role model

16 Jul
David Smith, the 650-pound virgin

David Smith, the 650-pound virgin David Smith, the role model

Last night, I watched TLC’s “650-pound Virgin” story on David Smith, a man with a common name with a not-so-common problem. He was a morbidly obese man who almost ate himself to death. At his peak, he weighed a whopping 650 pounds.

As many of us struggle with our weights–I have yet to lose my pregnancy weight, David Smith is someone we can all relate to. He used to be someone who was unhappy with his body. Someone who was out of shape. Someone who had given up.

David Smith

David Smith

What makes his story so remarkable and inspirational is the difficult choice he made. After his doctor told him he only had several years to live, he realized he had 3 choices:

1-Get surgery. But there’s a chance he could die.

2-Kill himself by burning himself alive. This way there would be no evidence he ever lived and no one could make fun of him and his weight after his death.

3-Lose the weight.

Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding. You guessed it, he chose Option 3. He wrote a letter to news reporter, Chris Powell and asked for help. Chris Powell did more than just respond, he became the support and motivation that David Smith needed to turn his life around and get the weight down and off. And here is where this massive man who resembled a blob transformed into well, a role model.

David Smith

David Smith and Chris Powell

Their friendship didn’t stop after David lost the weight. David and Chris became best friends, room mates and now they have partnered together and created Reshape The Nation. Check out the Reshape The Nation channel on YouTube. They make a video every day to motivate you.

Here’s today’s video:

Visit the Reshape The Nation website and pre-register today.

Reshape The Nation blog

Reshape The Nation blog

Visit the Reshape The Nation blog for tips!