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Louis Vuitton has the coolest QR code EVER!

30 Apr
Louis Vuitton's new QR code by Set

Louis Vuitton's new QR code by Set

Louis Vuitton is the shit. No joke. This new QR code designed by a Japanese agency known as Set is seriously amazing. It’s inspired by the collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami. This is the first major brand to actually brand a QR code. Learn more about Louis Vuitton’s new QR code.

iPhone coming to Verizon

28 Apr
iPhone coming to Verizon

iPhone coming to Verizon

Hell to the yeah! Soon, consumers will have a choice between AT&T and Verizon if they want to own the iPhone. Get all the juicy details here.

Get your QR Code!

22 Apr

Here’s my QR code. Hotdiggity!

QR code for

QR code for

Make your own QR code here.

QD codes are simply barcodes that you shoot with your camera phone and it then takes the data and provides a hyperlink which sends you to a website.

Here’s a demo.

The potential for QR codes are huge. Product safety warnings on labels. Discounts on newspaper ads. You could even do a music video like The Pet Shop Boys did with their hit “Integral” a few years ago. Very cool

Mobile Is Where It’s At

29 Jan

(Note: I meant to post this months ago. No surprising, we’re still playing catch up.)

Mobile is huge everywhere else in the world. And the U.S. is playing catch up. But we are starting to see signs of things to come.

GluMobile launched a mobile game called “Dark Night” based on the last Batman movie. Plus, they’re offering 31 wallpapers, 14 voice tones, 4 music tones, and 8 animated screen savers.

FunMobility signed a deal with Sanrio and is bringing Hello Kitty mobile. They’re going to offer wallpapers, etc.

Mig33 is a mobile social network you should get to know.

Read the entire mobile article that I summarized.

Google Maps feature mobile transit directions

6 Jun

So Google just posted this video to advertise that Google Maps now feature mobile transit directions.

The video mentions the directions are available in 50 major cities and users can select train, bus, etc. I think when they said train, they’re referring to the subway. If that’s the case, Amtrak Regional and Acela should be get onboard. The directions could list how to get the station and all of the departure and arrival times.

This is huge! Right now mapquest is the 8th most visited site frequented by mobile users. And now that Google offers transit directions, they will probably make the top ten. Maybe even the top three.

So take a look at the video and the Google mobile page to learn more.

Do you use the web differerently on the weekend?

6 Jun

Seriously, do you? Well, according to this article on Business Week people do. People use their mobile devices a lot more on the weekends and as a result, they use the web differently than they do during the work week.

The top websites people visit with their mobile are:

1) Yahoo
2) eBay
3) ?
4) Weather
5) ?
6) ?
7) ?
8) Mapquest
9) Craigslist

What’s interesting is that while these sites are in the top 10 for mobile, many are way down on the list with traditional surfing (home pc).