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Bid on Crispin’s Intern Auction

27 May

I hate that I post about Crispin as much as I do. But dammit, they keep coming up with shit so crazy, it’s worth posting about.

So now they’re running an auction on ebay where you can win strategies/concepts by interns. Current bid is over $10K right now. Unreal! What a great deal for clients.

UPDATE:   Winning bid:    US $17,655.00

CP+B Ebay Auction

CP+B Ebay Auction

CP+B Intern Auction

CP+B Intern Auction

Quite Possibly The Sickest Matches Ever

15 Aug

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I stumbled on these matches on eBay Aren’t they too crazy to light up?

Medela BPA-Free Baby Bottle Review

15 Jul

All Medela products are BPA-free. When I first bought my Medela breast pump, they came with 4 baby bottles. At the time, I had no idea they were even BPA-free.

I have been using Medela baby bottles for over 6 months now and I have to say, I really dig them. They’re easy to wash. They’re a nice small size, which is perfect for infants under 5 months. And it’s super compact, so it takes up less room in my diaper bag. My son is currently 6 months and I still use them on the go. He drinks 8 oz per feeding, so I have to fill it up some more. But it’s okay. I normally make sure he eats before I go out, so I normally don’t have to feed him while I’m out.

If you plan to breastfeed, I recommend these–especially if you buy a Medela breastfeeding pump. Not only will you get to use them with the pumps, but with regular feedings, too. And just so you know, Medela’s breastpump kits are BPA-free, too.

P.S. If you buy a new Medela pump, buy it off ebay. I saved $50.

Do you use the web differerently on the weekend?

6 Jun

Seriously, do you? Well, according to this article on Business Week people do. People use their mobile devices a lot more on the weekends and as a result, they use the web differently than they do during the work week.

The top websites people visit with their mobile are:

1) Yahoo
2) eBay
3) ?
4) Weather
5) ?
6) ?
7) ?
8) Mapquest
9) Craigslist

What’s interesting is that while these sites are in the top 10 for mobile, many are way down on the list with traditional surfing (home pc).