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Yahoo overhauls display ad system

25 Sep

Read all the juicy details about Yahoo’s attempt to kick Google’s ass. Will their new display ad system, APT give Yahoo the same market domination that Google has in the search market? Only time will tell.

Check it out!

Do you use the web differerently on the weekend?

6 Jun

Seriously, do you? Well, according to this article on Business Week people do. People use their mobile devices a lot more on the weekends and as a result, they use the web differently than they do during the work week.

The top websites people visit with their mobile are:

1) Yahoo
2) eBay
3) ?
4) Weather
5) ?
6) ?
7) ?
8) Mapquest
9) Craigslist

What’s interesting is that while these sites are in the top 10 for mobile, many are way down on the list with traditional surfing (home pc).