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Take A Test Drive On Google Maps

11 Jun

Now that Google Maps works with flash applications, it’s pretty cool what this Japanese dude created. Take a test drive right on Google Maps. You can pick a car, a bus, or even a truck. Too bad, there’s no train option. This would be awesome for Amtrak. Heck, it would be awesome for any car manufacturer, too.

What’s nice is the application lets you drive over the entire image. So go crazy if you want. Drive over a building or run off the road. It doesn’t matter.

User-Created Google Maps?

9 Jun

Google Maps now lets users create their own Google Maps. They can populate them with pics from Panorima, YouTube videos, Wikipedia articles, gas prices, and a whole slew of cool features.

When Arnold DC moves to its new location, it would be cool if during the scavenger hunt everyone shoots pics, video and contributes to Arnold’s wikipedia page so we can create our very own user-created map.

Anyway, below is a sample Google Map that shows you what it looks like when it’s populated.

Google Maps feature mobile transit directions

6 Jun

So Google just posted this video to advertise that Google Maps now feature mobile transit directions.

The video mentions the directions are available in 50 major cities and users can select train, bus, etc. I think when they said train, they’re referring to the subway. If that’s the case, Amtrak Regional and Acela should be get onboard. The directions could list how to get the station and all of the departure and arrival times.

This is huge! Right now mapquest is the 8th most visited site frequented by mobile users. And now that Google offers transit directions, they will probably make the top ten. Maybe even the top three.

So take a look at the video and the Google mobile page to learn more.