A CP+B Art Director Created Tischen

29 Jul


User Profile on Tischen

User Profile on Tischen

Tischen is a free site created by Saman Rahmanian, an art director at CP+B. Tischen lets your search for local help that are available right now for free.

Tischen is a beta and only works in NYC for now. Hopefully, more users join and see its simple user-friendly brilliance. Because I would love to use this in DC.

What I really dig about Tischen is it’s exactly what Craigslist would be if the site actually evolved. I use Craigslist a lot and whenever I do, I get so many responses every day. Sometimes, it’s takes forever to screen. What’s nice about Tischen is you get to see an actual photo of the person to make sure they’re not crazy. Users also share what services they offer, their training and experience, and then they pitch why you should hire them.

The site also shows a calendar for each user so you can see their availability today. Check out Tischen here. Or follow Saman Rahmanian on Twitter for some creative inspiration.

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