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WTH. My sister-in-law just joined Facebook last week.

22 Sep


And the only reason she joined was to check out pictures of her friend’s baby. I couldn’t believe I actually know someone my age (33) who wasn’t connected or using any social media; she hasn’t joined Twitter, YouTube, or Flickr either. Heck, she only has a hotmail account and it’s the same one from college.

It just blows my mind that she’s been able to function without any social media. To be disconnected to that level like it’s 1997 is just crazy to me. I asked her how she survived so long without it. She said she emails or calls people. Imagine that.

Will Facebook change her? Will she call her friends less? Will she start sharing her life through status updates? Will she become closer with her friends? Will she and I become closer? It will be interesting to see how Facebook changes her life.

SnagFilms Offers Free Indie Independent Films

18 Jul

Yes, you read that right. SnagFilms–a new free indie film service started by ex-AOL execs–offer ENTIRE EN INDIE FILMS FOR FREE.

SnagFilms currently has 250 films up for grab. And they have the ClearSpring widget so you can easly upload the films to Facebook and MySpace.

RockYou has raised $35 Million. Is it worth it?

9 Jun

RockYou has raised $35 million in capital venture.

RockYou is a company that tricks out users’ MySpace and Facebook pages. You know all the glitter text crap and glitter photos? Well, RockYou is responsible for it. They also make celebrity slideshows and many more apps people can add.

Now that they have some capital venture, it makes you wonder if it’s a good investment. After all, making the web all glittery and cheesy is not exactly a great business model.