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Washlet Is The Shit!

11 Mar

Imagine a warm throne in the morning. Gentle water splashing your ass. And cool air drying it to perfection. Yes friends, the porcelain god is back and better than ever before thanks to Washlet. Check out the Washlet website, it’s the shit. The videos and music are very cool.

Check out the Washlet website to learn more about this high-tech porcelain god!

Check out the Washlet website to learn more about this high-tech porcelain god!

Vote for my pal Jess’ Threadless design!!

10 Mar

What Hurts The Most

10 Mar

If you need a good laugh, check this out!

Mash-ups represent!

9 Mar

Check out these sick ass YouTube mash-ups! Move over Beethoven! Now that’s one FN musical genius!

Thru-You Mash-Ups

Thru-You Mash-Ups

“Scrubs” Season 5 Moments

6 Mar

Gabriella Cilmi’s “Sweet About Me”

4 Mar

Gabriella Cilmi may be a rising star. But I think she sucks a little. I mean c’mon. You disabled your YouTube music video so users can’t embed them. In fact, you requested that almost every YouTube user who posted your video disable the embed function. Really nice way to treat your so-called fans, loser.

A New Logo for Sugar Mama

20 Feb

I run a convenient store at my desk at Arnold DC. I sell candy, chips, muffins, rice krispie treats, soup, etc. I started it because I was sick of how expensive everything was in our vending machines. And it really ticked me off when I would buy something and it was stale. Grrr!

My store is called Sugar Mama and my coworker, Anibal Quinones’ wife was kind enough to make me a logo. It’s sweet!

Sugar Mama

Sugar Mama

Frito Lay’s has some sick animation!!

20 Feb

The load time takes forever. But, the animation is sick!!
Check it out if you have some downtime.

A kind user posted a link for the television commercial. Check it out!

See the road to recovery with your own eyes

18 Feb

I’m not sure if any of you are on President Obama’s email list. But today, he unveiled

It’s a new website that lets citizens track every dollar spent and every job created. Users can weigh in with questions and comments.

President Obama is also using as a success metric. He’s actually measuring progress based on thousands of users sharing their personal story about their struggles to make ends meet.

If you care about the road to recovery, take a look. It’s really quite amazing to see this level of accountability and to know it’s accessible to each and every one of us.

Celebrity Twitters

17 Feb

Look at all of these celebrities’ tweets on Twitter:

Mad Men’s Peggy Olson won the first Twitter award in the advertising category.

Kanye West

Perez Hilton

Ashton Kutcher

Demi Moore

MC Hammer

Al Gore

Lance Armstrong

Wil Wheaton

Rainn Wilson

Lucas’ First Birthday

13 Feb
From Lucas Birthday at Hee-Been
From Lucas Birthday at Hee-Been

Suffice to say, we survived Lucas’ first birthday. But I think this shot perfectly captures the day. Everyone wanted to touch him. And he was not having it. We had taken him to the emergency the room the day before. So he was still sick. But like the trooper he is, he pulled through.

Give your website a thumbs up!

12 Feb

What if users could vote on search results? What if Google gave users control of the search results in order to improve the overall user experience?

Well, this is just one of many experiments that Google is doing. It’s called Google SearchWiki.

Next time you’re logged into your gmail account and you do a search in Google, you’ll notice a small arrow icon next to the result. If you click on the arrow, you can actually promote that site. And you can see how many people also give the site a thumbs up.

Every time you click on an arrow, it moves up in the ranking–at least in your custom results.

What’s nice is all the results that you rank get organized into your personalized wikinotes. For research freaks, this is really cool.

Try it and look here to review them.

To learn more about Google SearchWiki, click here.

Just felt like sharing. Have a nice one!