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Chevy Sonic Super Bowl Spot and More

4 Feb

This Chevy Sonic spot is incredibly entertaining. Everything about it is cool. The music, the tricks and the fact that it’s for Chevy.

This Chevy spot is hilarious thanks to its awesome casting.

And the Chevy YouTube Channel is beautifully designed and makes me want to look at everything, which is saying something. Because these days, with two little ones and a third on the way, I have literally zero down time.

Glee’s Kurt Hummel

17 Nov

I wonder if Chris Colfer realized when the show made him his own role that he was going to be a role model.

I know television shows always pop up trying to portray teenage life like “Beverly Hills 90210”, “Save By The Bell”, ¬†and even “The OC” but I have never seen a show portray an openly gay person. And I’ve never seen the spotlight on a handicap kid, a curvy African-American girl, an Asian girl that actually talks, a built Asian boy or a kid and an adult with intellectual disabilities for that matter. I think what draws people in the music, but what keeps them coming back for more is that people identify with these kids’ lives. Kurt is my favorite character. I love his humor and his courage. Who’s your favorite?

“Teenage Dream” sung by Darren Criss.

“I Want To Hold Your Hand” sung by Chris Colfer.

The Hasselhoff Baby

7 Nov

Woah. Just saw this on TV. Chest hair, really? C’mon.

Susan Boyle is a “YES!”

16 Apr
Simon listening to Susan Boyle singing

Simon listening to Susan Boyle singing

Susan Boyle blowing the crowd away

Susan Boyle blowing the crowd away

Susan Boyle, the new superstar

Susan Boyle, the new superstar

Susan Boyle is 47 year-old and has never been kissed. She comes out to audition for Britain’s Got Talent and is immediately judged based on her looks. Then Susan Boyle sings “I Dream A Dream” from Les Miserables and blows the roof off the house. Damn, she is good. She even got Simon to smile.

Colonial Williamsburg Commercial

22 Oct

Even though this is old, I still think it’s a great spot. It was done by my co-workers trac-E Nenna and Mick Sutter at Arnold Worldwide. I wish the other spots in the campaign were posted, too.

Vintage Amtrak Television Commercials

28 Aug

Check out these Amtrak commercials from the 70’s.