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YouTube on TiVo? You betcha.

17 Jul

If you’re like most people, you’ve been watching YouTube at work, at home, and on your iPhone. Well in the next few weeks, you’ll be able to watch YouTube on TiVo, too.

The YouTube vid above shows some of the new TiVo features. Check it out.

User-Created Google Maps?

9 Jun

Google Maps now lets users create their own Google Maps. They can populate them with pics from Panorima, YouTube videos, Wikipedia articles, gas prices, and a whole slew of cool features.

When Arnold DC moves to its new location, it would be cool if during the scavenger hunt everyone shoots pics, video and contributes to Arnold’s wikipedia page so we can create our very own user-created map.

Anyway, below is a sample Google Map that shows you what it looks like when it’s populated.

BMW Spreads Holiday Cheer

15 Dec

This is exactly why I love Christmas. Looks like the creatives found the inspiration for this spot from YouTube.