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Free Portfolio Website for Writers, Photographers, Illustrators, Creative Geniuses, Copywriters

12 Feb

Portfolio for Elizabeth Phillips, Copywriter

Portfolio for Elizabeth Phillips, Copywriter sure is pretty looking. And it’s super user-friendly, too. It offers you a place to post up to 5 projects for free. After that, you’re gonna have to dish out some dough. It’s nice if you’re looking for freelance work or just need to post a few projects to show a potential hiring company. Check out some of my work here.

Illustrator Michael Schwabb

12 Feb

Acela Michael Schwabb Poster

Acela Michael Schwabb Poster

Yes, this poster is old. But it’s still great. My pals at Arnold Worldwide in DC worked on this campaign for Amtrak’s Acela with Michael Schwabb back in the day. If you’re a Schwabb fan, I found this nice interview about his inspiration and the secrets to his success. Read it here.

Kid as high as a kite

10 Feb

This is a video about a kid named David who is high as hell after a trip to the dentist. It’s a must see.

Gmail is going offline

30 Jan

Yes, you read that right. Google is bringing Gmail offline. You basically type your emails as usual. And your inbox gets stored on your PC. And as soon as the software you need to download detects a network connection boom! Your email(s) gets sent.

Are you going to try Gmail offline? I think I might give it go. I already downloaded Google Chrome and so far, I kind of dig it.

Read more about Gmail going offline.

What are you worth? And are you making it?

29 Jan


Average Copywriter Salaries in DC




I hate myself–for being so weak. I am not being paid anywhere near what I should be. And I understand the economy is in the shitter and I should be lucky to have a job. But this has been going on a for a long time.

For some reason, and it’s probably fear, I can not bring myself to ask for more money. Even before this economic crisis happened and salaries were frozen, I couldn’t ask and it bothers me.

A lot of my comrades say you gotta leave if you’re chasing dollars. But why? If I leave, they’ll hire someone to replace me and they’ll make a whole lot more than I’m asking.

It’s so weird that our livelihoods depend on money and yet, I can’t or rather, won’t fight for it.

Maybe I feel like it would be too awkward. Maybe I wouldn’t be able to counter his argument. Maybe I’m afraid he’ll fire me. Maybe I feel that he feels that I owe him. I know, I know.

I remember when I was in high school and I thought about the future, I thought how exciting it would be to make $35,000 a year. (I grew up in a very small town obviously). And I can’t believe that’s how little I expected. I guess I didn’t value myself. I still don’t apparently.

Every industry is different. Tell me about yours. Are you getting what you’re worth. If not, how come?

Bart Simpson is a scientologist?!

29 Jan

If Veggie Tales can be Christian, Bart Simpson can be a scientologist. I guess cartoons should have freedom of religion, too.

Mascarita Dorada — the baddest midget ever!

29 Jan

I wish I could fly around like this. Talk about mad skillz.

Satellite Image of President Obama’s Historic Inauguration

21 Jan

Check out this amazing satellite image Geoeye took of the inauguration.

Satellite image of President Obama's Inauguration

Satellite image of President Obama's Inauguration

T. Mobile commercial in the U.K.

17 Jan


Beatboxing kid is crazy sick!

12 Jan

I am over 30 and yet whenever I see someone beatboxing and they’re good–or better yet, crazy sick–it makes me happy. Long live beatboxing!

Pho 234 in Manassas, VA

12 Jan

OMG! This pho sucks. As an Asian and someone who has eaten pho regularly for 14 years, this pho is so blech! We went to Pho 234 in Manassas this past weekend. Big mistake! First of all, the staff was super pushy. When was asked for a minute, the lady asked us to look over the appetizers and waited a minute. Like we needed to pick one right then and there. When I received the pho tai nam, I was so disappointed. The broth had a nutmug flavor that was overpowering. And the noodles–were just plain freaking sad. Clumped together and then they broke into a million tiny pieces. Obviously, they overcooked the noodles. In my 14 years of eating pho very regularly, I have never ever seen noodes that poor. For crying out loud, even when I had pho in Reno during my trip on Amtrak’s California Zephyr, the pho noodles were so much better. Anyway, if you’re Asian or you what good pho is, I suggest you eat it somewhere else.

pho 234 manassas

pho 234 manassas