Pho 234 in Manassas, VA

12 Jan

OMG! This pho sucks. As an Asian and someone who has eaten pho regularly for 14 years, this pho is so blech! We went to Pho 234 in Manassas this past weekend. Big mistake! First of all, the staff was super pushy. When was asked for a minute, the lady asked us to look over the appetizers and waited a minute. Like we needed to pick one right then and there. When I received the pho tai nam, I was so disappointed. The broth had a nutmug flavor that was overpowering. And the noodles–were just plain freaking sad. Clumped together and then they broke into a million tiny pieces. Obviously, they overcooked the noodles. In my 14 years of eating pho very regularly, I have never ever seen noodes that poor. For crying out loud, even when I had pho in Reno during my trip on Amtrak’s California Zephyr, the pho noodles were so much better. Anyway, if you’re Asian or you what good pho is, I suggest you eat it somewhere else.

pho 234 manassas

pho 234 manassas

One Response to “Pho 234 in Manassas, VA”

  1. Jason Malone February 18, 2012 at 1:32 pm #

    The comments above are idiotic! My family and friends totally love this place and enjoy the fast and friendly service. The meat is plentiful and the soup broth is just awesome. How can the noodles break up into a million pieces (very stupid comment above)?

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