Give your website a thumbs up!

12 Feb

What if users could vote on search results? What if Google gave users control of the search results in order to improve the overall user experience?

Well, this is just one of many experiments that Google is doing. It’s called Google SearchWiki.

Next time you’re logged into your gmail account and you do a search in Google, you’ll notice a small arrow icon next to the result. If you click on the arrow, you can actually promote that site. And you can see how many people also give the site a thumbs up.

Every time you click on an arrow, it moves up in the ranking–at least in your custom results.

What’s nice is all the results that you rank get organized into your personalized wikinotes. For research freaks, this is really cool.

Try it and look here to review them.

To learn more about Google SearchWiki, click here.

Just felt like sharing. Have a nice one!

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