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Ukraine’s Got Talent

14 Aug

Yes, even Ukraine has their own talent show. And their winner this year, Kseniya Simonova is absolutely mind-blowing. Imagine this: an artist telling the story of Germany conquering Ukraine during WW2. She shows peace, war, sadness, and so much more. She draws a couple on a bench which then morphs into a woman’s face. There’s a widow that’s weeping and then she transforms into an obelisk for an unknown soldier.

She sprinkles the sand on. She make powerful strokes. And all of these incredible scenes are done in sand and then destroyed and recreated. Kseniya Simonova’s story moves people and the judges to tears. Her style reminds of Chagall. It’s seriously really beautiful.

Barack Obama is a better dancer than John McCain

22 Oct

Check out this interview between Ellen and Barack.