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Super Badass Haunted Halloween Castle Costume w/ ropes, magnets and LED

31 Oct

Jamin Hoyle, my art director friend spent six months constructed what can only be described as a badass haunted Halloween castle costume. This Scottish castle is complete with multiple doors that open up to intricately beautiful storybook scenes. I cannot wait to share this with my kids.




Kim Haller, a Korean-inspired Illustrator

14 Apr

Kim Haller is a Korean-born, Wisconsin-raised illustrator who I recently discovered on Etsy. I really love her characters–especially since many of them are Korean-inspired and feature bright colors, traditional hanbok dresses and even the delicious rice candy wrapper.  Her kid characters are not only whimsical, they really capture the imagination and purity of children. Best of all, her artwork is affordable. Each print is only $20.

Support her work and show some love. Check out her store called KIL.SOOK on Etsy.

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Kim Haller

Update: Just found a free download of this print. Click here to download it.

Ukraine’s Got Talent

14 Aug

Yes, even Ukraine has their own talent show. And their winner this year, Kseniya Simonova is absolutely mind-blowing. Imagine this: an artist telling the story of Germany conquering Ukraine during WW2. She shows peace, war, sadness, and so much more. She draws a couple on a bench which then morphs into a woman’s face. There’s a widow that’s weeping and then she transforms into an obelisk for an unknown soldier.

She sprinkles the sand on. She make powerful strokes. And all of these incredible scenes are done in sand and then destroyed and recreated. Kseniya Simonova’s story moves people and the judges to tears. Her style reminds of Chagall. It’s seriously really beautiful.

Mark Ryden’s Tree of Mystery

28 May
Tree of Mystery

Tree of Mystery

Check out Mark Ryden’s Tree of Mystery print. It’s sweet as hell. And it costs 4000 bones. Way out of my league. But if you have the dough, click here and get it while you can.

Bob Marley Artwork

11 May

“Don’t gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver or gold…” Bob Marley

Bob Marley Drawing

Bob Marley Drawing

Bob Marley, the legend died 28 years ago today. Check out this really cool Bob Marley artwork here.

Get a celeb to paint your iGoogle

6 Jun

iGoogle rocks! Now you can pimp your iGoogle page with the help of some amazing artists from all over the world.

Unreal. Look at the names. Look at the work. What a great idea.

To see all the artists, visit the iGoogle Gallery