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Glee’s Kurt Hummel

17 Nov

I wonder if Chris Colfer realized when the show made him his own role that he was going to be a role model.

I know television shows always pop up trying to portray teenage life like “Beverly Hills 90210”, “Save By The Bell”,  and even “The OC” but I have never seen a show portray an openly gay person. And I’ve never seen the spotlight on a handicap kid, a curvy African-American girl, an Asian girl that actually talks, a built Asian boy or a kid and an adult with intellectual disabilities for that matter. I think what draws people in the music, but what keeps them coming back for more is that people identify with these kids’ lives. Kurt is my favorite character. I love his humor and his courage. Who’s your favorite?

“Teenage Dream” sung by Darren Criss.

“I Want To Hold Your Hand” sung by Chris Colfer.