Craziness. I have a half-brother I never even knew existed.

15 Aug

Now that I know this, I’m going to put my search engine optimization skills to good use.

Ralph Herbert LeRoy Phillips

3 generations of Phillips' (Herbert, Ralph and my dad, Leroy)

I just found out I have a half-brother. And he’s white. (My siblings and I are mixed.) Apparently, my father, Leroy Clark Phillips, had a child before he met my mother and never mentioned it to her until after I was born. And she just mentioned it for the very first time yesterday. My half-brother would be older than my brother, who is now 36.

My father died in 1981. He was 41. He is buried in Arlington National Cemetary (between Bradley & MacArthur). Sometimes when my family visitsmy father at Arlington National Cemetary, there are flowers there. I never knew where they came from. Maybe they were placed there by my half-brother.

arlington national cemetary leroy clark phillips
arlington national cemetary leroy clark phillips

Now that we know a half-brother exists, my siblings and I would like to meet him–if he is interested. I am hoping one day he googles Leroy Clark Phillips, Leroy Phillips, or Leroy C. Phillips and sees this blog.

Facts about Leroy Clark Phillips:

-Born on September 17, 1940
-He died when he was 41
-He was born in California
-He served 20 years in the Navy as a cryptologist
-He was working for the American Red Cross in DC when he died
-He is buried at Arlington National Cemetary (between Bradley & MacArthur)

Hopefully, one day he stumbles on this. I’ll be waiting.

One Response to “Craziness. I have a half-brother I never even knew existed.”

  1. Karen April 13, 2012 at 1:43 am #

    I can sympathize. Yesterday, I found out I have a half brother I never knew existed. My dad was married to another woman before he met my mom and had a child. I have since learned that my family knew about it (through an aunt). But no one ever told me. The brother was never told he was adopted (by the man his mom married after she and my dad divorced). He found out by accident.

    I have so many mixed feelings: anger and confusion about why no one never told me, hope that I can actually have a sibling relationship (I am an only child), sorrow that we were both cheated out of knowing about each other.

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