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Craziness. I have a half-brother I never even knew existed.

15 Aug

Now that I know this, I’m going to put my search engine optimization skills to good use.

Ralph Herbert LeRoy Phillips

3 generations of Phillips' (Herbert, Ralph and my dad, Leroy)

I just found out I have a half-brother. And he’s white. (My siblings and I are mixed.) Apparently, my father, Leroy Clark Phillips, had a child before he met my mother and never mentioned it to her until after I was born. And she just mentioned it for the very first time yesterday. My half-brother would be older than my brother, who is now 36.

My father died in 1981. He was 41. He is buried in Arlington National Cemetary (between Bradley & MacArthur). Sometimes when my family visitsmy father at Arlington National Cemetary, there are flowers there. I never knew where they came from. Maybe they were placed there by my half-brother.

arlington national cemetary leroy clark phillips
arlington national cemetary leroy clark phillips

Now that we know a half-brother exists, my siblings and I would like to meet him–if he is interested. I am hoping one day he googles Leroy Clark Phillips, Leroy Phillips, or Leroy C. Phillips and sees this blog.

Facts about Leroy Clark Phillips:

-Born on September 17, 1940
-He died when he was 41
-He was born in California
-He served 20 years in the Navy as a cryptologist
-He was working for the American Red Cross in DC when he died
-He is buried at Arlington National Cemetary (between Bradley & MacArthur)

Hopefully, one day he stumbles on this. I’ll be waiting.