Ready for product check-ins?

27 Jul

foursquare mytown

With the success of Foursquare and MyTown, it was only a matter of time before someone figured out a way for users to get even more points. And kudos to MyTown for coming up a way to make marketers and users happy at the same time. Their app has new updates that include product check-ins.  

Product check-ins? Yep, now users can use their iPhone camera and scan bar codes on products to unlock points and cash reward items. iTouch users can also check-in by typing in the bar codes.

With all those eyeballs paying close attention to your bar codes, it makes you think twice about the standard bar code. Will companies start investing toward redesigning them? Will they start advertising messages next to them? Or will they simply pass up this opportunity to join in on the social gaming experience?


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