Gainesville, Virginia Road Expansions

20 Jul

If you live in Gainesville, VA, then you’ve probably spent a great deal of your life stuck in traffic. This wide-open space that borders horse country has turned into a DC metro suburb in the blink of an eye and its residents have had to pay the price.

After years of life in the slow lane, Gainesville, Virginia is beginning to show signs of what will one day be a major town center.

Check out this image of what Linton Hall Road, John Marshall Hwy aka Route 55 and Route 29 will look like soon.

Linton Hall Road and John Marshall Hwy

Linton Hall Road and John Marshall Hwy

See the actual VDOT video here.

Check out what other transportation projects are happening in and around Gainesville, Virginia. For those visitors not from Gainesville, I am sure this seems really lame. But as a Gainesville resident for nearly 8 years, the transformation that is coming is awesome.

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