The Great Paul Arden

21 Jul
Paul Arden

Paul Arden

A mentor of mine, Design Army’s Pum Lefebure emailed me these great words to live by. Written by the great late Paul Arden, these words are so incredibly appropriate now more than ever. So if you’re feeling down because you got laid off, your good pals got laid off, or you’re working at a shop that you feel is sucking the soul out of you, I suggest you print these words out, memorize them and live them. To learn more about Paul Arden, click here.

Paul Arden's Rules To Live By

Paul Arden's Rules To Live By

One Response to “The Great Paul Arden”

  1. playourcardsright October 4, 2009 at 7:56 pm #

    his books are the most significant books ive ever read i adore him:)

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