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Gainesville, Virginia Road Expansions

20 Jul

If you live in Gainesville, VA, then you’ve probably spent a great deal of your life stuck in traffic. This wide-open space that borders horse country has turned into a DC metro suburb in the blink of an eye and its residents have had to pay the price.

After years of life in the slow lane, Gainesville, Virginia is beginning to show signs of what will one day be a major town center.

Check out this image of what Linton Hall Road, John Marshall Hwy aka Route 55 and Route 29 will look like soon.

Linton Hall Road and John Marshall Hwy

Linton Hall Road and John Marshall Hwy

See the actual VDOT video here.

Check out what other transportation projects are happening in and around Gainesville, Virginia. For those visitors not from Gainesville, I am sure this seems really lame. But as a Gainesville resident for nearly 8 years, the transformation that is coming is awesome.

Osaka Japanese Steak & Seafood Restaurant in Gainesville, VA

17 Feb
Osaka Japanese Steak & Seafood

Osaka Japanese Steak & Seafood

Last Friday, we celebrated our friend Trish’s birthday at Osaka Japanese Steak & Seafood restaurant. It’s a really great place for birthdays. They give you a birthday ballon, sing a song, give you a piece of cake, and even let you take a swing at a traditional Japanese drum for a birthday wish. And I think they even give you a $10 discount on your birthday, too!

Apparently, some people have actually read my previous entry about Osaka Japanese Steak & Seafood Restaurant in Gainesville and have commented to the owners about it. WOW!


Osaka Japanese Steak & Seafood Restaurant in Gainesville, Virginia

8 Dec

At Osaka in Gainesville (near Target and Giant), the filet mignon is so tender, it’s like pillow-soft. The lobster is juicy and cooked to perfection. The chicken is marinated in delicious sauce. The vegetables (zucchini, onions, carrots, and broccoli) are so good in that light orange side sauce. I could drink that dip it’s so good. And the fried rice is terrific. Everything Osaka serves up on their flame-throwing hibachi grills is awesome.

When you live out in western Prince William County (Gainesville, Haymarket, Bristow), there aren’t too many choices to eat out. Although, new restaurants are popping up every month. I’ve lived in Gainesville, VA for nearly 8 years. Crazy, I know. And Osaka has been there forever. Their hibachi is really good considering the location. Being Asian, I love asian food–especially Japanese. So I’m really glad they’re nearby and excited about the other Asian restaurants now in the Gainesville area (i.e. Pei Wei, Saigon Crepes, Anothai, etc.)

And their sushi, while not the best in the world–we’re not exactly near water–is really good and creative. Osaka created some new sushi based on our geography. Like the Linton Hall roll and Rt. 29. It’s sushi that is lightly deep-fried. It might sound a little unusual, but the combination is excellent. I have also tried their sashimi and it’s good, too. They have even have other unique sushi like lasagna sushi that’s a little strange, but I appreciate their creativity and it’s pretty good.

So if you’re looking for some tasty hibachi food and sushi and you live in Gainesville, Virginia, I’d give it a try. You won’t be disappointed–unless of course when they try to make you catch the shrimp in your mouth and you miss. It’s always fun watching the kids try this.

Here’s the link to Osaka Japanese Restaurant in Gainesville.