Ford Flex is off the hook

21 Aug
Ford Flex

Ford Flex

Ford used to be a piece of shit brand. In the last decade or so, their designs sucked. Their cars sucked. And their brand fell by the wayside. I would never even have considered a Ford, let alone buy one. But that changed with the Cash for Clunkers program.

We looked at Ford, Kia, Toyota and Honda. The first car we tested was the Ford Flex Limited Edition in Cinnamon. I still remember thinking about it the day after. You could say I was lusting. We needed a bigger family car and family members tried to sway us to buy the Toyota Sienna. But we’re not minivan drivers. And when you think of paying $27,000 for something that makes you feel weird and not proud, I think that’s just crazy.

I looked at the Four Runner and Highlander–all in the lower $30’s for base models.

Kia was really sad. The designs. The colors. It felt cheap. SUV were in the mid $20’s.

Honda was just arrogant as usual. No one said hi in the show room, so my husband left.

We even drove to several Ford dealerships: Darcars in Lanham and Bill Britt in Chantilly. Lanham had the Ford Flex SEL and Bill Britt had the Ford Flex Limited Edition.

The SEL is okay. It’s a nice size and it’s comfortable. But the Limited Edition makes you feel like a freaking kid on “Pimp My Ride.” It’s incredible. We were drooling.

Ford Flex

Ford Flex

Here’s just some of our Ford Flex Limited Edition features:

  • 4 moon roofs (One for each room)
  • Leather seats
  • Second row seats fold out of the way with the touch of a button
  • Trunk pops open with the touch of a button
  • Rear-view camera
  • Voice-activated navigation (phone, blue tooth, etc)
  • Microsoft SYNC (Jukebox lets you download CDs onto a hard drive in your car, picture slide show, etc.) You can tell it to play Jay-Z or Lady Gaga, it will start playing the songs you downloaded. Sick!
  • v-6 engine
  • DVD player in the second row (and nav screen can also play DVD
Ford Flex

Ford Flex

We bought our 2009 Ford Flex Limited Edition for about $35K. Which is insanely crazy! If the car had a Toyota emblem on it, I believe it would cost $10K more. If it had a Lexus or BMW logo on it, it would cost $20-30K more. I feel like we got much more than we paid for. And I can definitely say, I am glad I chose Ford. And I can gladly say that Ford is no longer a piece of shit brand. It’s the future of American auto making. If you haven’t seen a Ford lately, you seriously need to. They’re really something!

Ford Flex

Ford Flex

Ford Flex

Ford Flex

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