Nintendo wii is for people of all ages

28 Nov

I got to give mad props to Nintendo for coming up with the wii. As gamers age, the complexity of games and controllers will leave them wishing video games could be as simple as the good ol’ days of Atari. Thankfully, Nintendo recognized that gamers do not need everything, including sick graphics and contollers with a million buttons.

By staying true to who they are and creating a low powered console that can stay on for 24 hours without draining a lot of power and a controller that is beautifully designed and as simple to use as the ipod, it’s no wonder the wii is flying off the shelf just as fast as PS3. Already 600,000 units have been sold. They’re currently sold out everywhere. Except on ebay, where they’re going for close to $400. (The original price is $250.)

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