Get ready for in-text placement ads

27 Oct

IntelliTXT is new user-driven technology that provides in-text placement ads. It is completely user initiated and allows you to engage with users on their terms. Advertisers can show text, movie trailers, commercials and even search capabilities.

If I’ve lost you, let me start over.

Imagine you’re reading about the latest episode of Laguna Beach on a gossip blog. Certain words throughout the blog are underlined and appear in green text. You notice the word game is underlined. You’re interested. So you roll over. A small box opens up next to the word with an ad in it. The ad has some text and a video preview of Tomb Raider. It looks like a great Christmas gift. You click on the link and go directly to the advertiser’s site to purchase the game.

To see an example, roll over game preview on their home page.

This technology is new and I have contacted them to see if I can get additional info. So far the only big advertiser using the technology is But if you really think about it, IntelliTXT would be great for all of our clients.

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