Vote for Arnold’s Webby Award nominees

4 May

Forwarded from Lawson Clarke:

Ah, the Webby Awards. The Oscars of the Internet.

Think Hollywood red carpet meets awkward junior-high prom.

This year Arnold has three nominations in the People’s Choice category.
However, all three are currently in second place, and we know we can do
better than that.

This is where you and your nimble, little fingers come in.

Go to, register, then
vote for the following categories:

– Oral B’s Pulsar minisite (Corporate Communications)
– Royal Caribbean’s “Freedom of the Seas” (Best Use of Video or Moving
– Vonage’s “Pimp That Phone” Website (Telecommunications)

Voting ends tomorrow, May 5th, so vote, my little ones. Vote like the wind!

If we can bump all of these into first place, I will personally come to each
and every one of your offices and kiss you full on the lips.

You heard me.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some lip balm to apply.

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