Alfred the Little Bear

25 Apr

I think I’m the only one that’s going to find this interesting.

(Insert wiseass comment from Don here)

But upon eliz’s invite to join the blog, I was asked to login. Apparently I already had a blogger account. I’m not surprised I had an account that I didn’t remember. I do that a lot on sites where I need info fast: join up then forget all about it after. But the really interesting thing about my Blogger login was the screen name I chose: “Alfred the Bear.” Man, I hadn’t thought about him in a long time and his name must’ve just flashed in my head when I originally joined—you see, Alfred the Bear was one of my favorite stories as a kid. He was in a series of books in fact. And, surprise, surprise after a google search I found the photographer of the Alfred books has a site. So here it is folks. Sit back, regress and enjoy Alfred the Little Bear. Just click on the link above.

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