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Do NOT shop on Hautelook.com

9 Sep

OMG! There are so many ridiculous things about this site that I’m not exactly sure where to begin.

Hautelook.com is the absolute worst place to shop, because:

-As the name implies, it’s exclusive, you must sign up to access the HauteLook sales. And then once you do, you can get emails EVERY SINGLE DAY to promote all of the sales.

-The shipping on HauteLook is insane! I bought $50 worth of merchandise and the shipping was $16. I know, I’m pretty stupid for agreeing to that.

-The shipping is slow as hell. I bought my items on 8/7. It is 9/9 and they are still not here.

-The HauteLook customer service is lame. Very poor communication and unprofessional emails. One sentence emails. What company does that?

I am very disappointed with HauteLook and would recommend that you don’t waste your money or your time.