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Email is the most popular direct response

7 Jul

Yes kids. It’s true. Email has surpassed traditional direct marketing and packages. 35% of companies now use email.

So here are some helpful tips posted on EmailLabs website:

0-49 character subject lines have an open-rate 12.5% higher than the 50+ character subject lines. And click-through rates for the 0-49 character group were 75% higher than the 50+ group.

“Email statistics presented by JupiterResearch vice president David Daniels, at the Email Insider Summit in Dec. 2007:

Email Usage:

274: Average number of personal emails weekly
304: Average number of business emails weekly
26%: Opt-in email campaigns as percentage of total inbox email
74%: Email users with 2 email accounts
18%: Email users who use mobile devices to sort email