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Julie Roehm is redunkulous

8 Dec

What in the world was this lady thinking?

Julie Roehm, the top executive who handled the recent Walmart review, is smart. So smart that she pioneered interactive work for DaimlerChrysler and was handpicked to come over to Walmart. But what an idiot she has turned out to be.

You do not eff with

These ultra conservative people mean business and are indestructible. And if you’re crazy enough to think you can do what you want without them noticing, you’re redunkulous. Taking spins in the president of an ad agency’s Ashton Martin and treating potential agencies to Nobu is just effin nuts. Especially when an account worth over half a billion dollars is at at stake. Didn’t Roeham know her employer is so strict you can’t even accept a cup of coffee? Anyway, hope you kids learn from her mistake.