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24 Jul

Wesley. I can’t believe he got kicked off of Project Runway–so soon. I had Wesley winning it all in an office pool. Yes, Wesley’s overworked eco-friendly work wasn’t stellar. But Natalie Portman digged the bow. And I didn’t hear a single compliment on Leanne’s mess of a dress. The hair pieces alone should have been enough to kick her off. And what’s up with the judges liking Stella’s gymnastic whore outfit. Wesley’s outfit was not the worse. Honestly, I think he got kicked off because he was too quiet and well, that doesn’t make for good television. I am officially banning Project Runway.

Jerry Tam Gets The Boot From Project Runway

17 Jul

The first contestant sent home from Project Runway this season is Jerry Tam. Jerry Tam has his own line out called Form, so I thought he would be good. But it turns out, Jerry Tam totally sucked at Project Runway’s first challenge. And it was well deserved. C’mon. Yellow dish gloves? White boots? A raincoat out of a shower curtain? And shower hooks for hooks? Seriously, there was nothing interesting about Jerry Tam’s first and only Project Runway look.