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The future of AKQA?

20 Sep


There is something to be said for being independent. Oh to be free from holding companies and the fattening of their pockets. This has always been one of the main reasons why I’ve admired AKQA. They became an incredibly successful agency without being anyone’s bitch.

Then General Atlantic took a majority stake several years ago and everyone wondered what would happen to them. AKQA proved to everyone they could keep their cool and hold their own. And the work got even better.

Now word on the street is that there are interested buyers again. But this time it’s financial giant, Morgan Stanley as well as Dentsu.

If they sell now, will their soul be lost forever? Or will they prove once again that they are a major force to be reckoned with? Only time will tell. Although, I have a pretty good feeling that nothing can stop them or their passion for creating breakthrough creative–not even a financial giant.

UNIQLO’s new Parka Style 1000 site is off the hook

28 May

Everything about the UNIQLO parka style 1000 site is why UNIQLO rocks. The intro is a little slow. But the rest is amazing. The music is cute. The navigation is cool. The videos are fun. The maps are smart. The city info is relevant. It’s fun, fashionable, entertaining and totally engaging. See the UNIQLO parka style 1000 website for yourself.