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"The 9 Inch Diet" by Alex Bogusky and Chuck Porter

21 Aug

How in the world does Alex Bogusky have time to write a book? Especially a book about dieting? Doesn’t running Crispin Porter + Bogusky keep him busy enough? And how does Burger King feel about his diet book, “The 9 Inch Diet?”

The 9 Inch Diet is not a big surprise IMHO. Big plate=more food. Small plate=less food. While I haven’t read The 9 Inch Diet yet, I hope their message isn’t solely based on convincing Americans that the answer to their overweight problems is switching to a smaller plate. I’m not exactly sure Alex Bogusky is the best person to be dishing out dieting advice. The dude is in great shape. I’ve heard he skateboards, rides a bike, etc. I hate when fit people who have never been fat try to tell overweight people how to lose weight.

I love this review on Amazon:

With years of experience manipulating the masses, two of the best tricksters in the industry explain how you as a consumer are being duped, and how you are actually a part of the conspiracy to make you fat. But more importantly, they teach you how to break the cycle.

Losing weight is not as simple as the title of his book implies. I’ve tried. I’ve even switched to a little salad plate. And trust me, if I want more food, I just go back for seconds.

IMO, if people want to lose weight, the only real solution to their addiction to eating is SELF-CONTROL. Period.

Self-control is the key to everything in life. If you really reflect on the weakest parts of your life, you’ll realize that the reason it’s so is because you have no self-control.