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The iPad is more exciting than the birth of a child?

23 Jul

This is what I discovered when I went into labor with our second child. We had just received the iPad three days earlier and my husband was stoked. He played with it every free moment he had. And I knew it was cool, but I had no idea it would be more exciting than the birth of your child until the day Stella was born.

I had a difficult labor. By the time Stella arrived, I had labored for nearly 22 hours. And throughout the ordeal, the iPad seemed to overpower the experience. In the early hours when my contractions were 7 minutes apart, my husband used the iPad to check the World Cup scores for the South Korea vs. Greece game. By the evening, when I was dialated nearly 8 cm and in excruciating pain, instead of holding my hand and comforting me during each contraction, my husband was cradling the iPad.

I yelled at him that I would burn the iPad if he didn’t shut it down and focus on what was going on. I couldn’t believe he would marvel at the freaking iPad more than the birth of our daughter. After Stella finally arrived, he spent the evening playing with apps and surfing. Then my husband turned himself into an Apple salesmen. And for the next two days while we were in the hospital, I watched him give iPad demos over and over and over again to every nurse and doctor that walked into the room. Each pitch lasted at least 10 minutes. It was unbelievable. And each time, he sold everyone. Every time the nurses and doctors returned, they asked more questions about the iPad and its functionality.

This whole ordeal got me thinking about user experiences versus real experiences. I guess we’re living in a time where if the user experience is that great and that awesome, it can rival the experience of even the most precious and intimate human experiences. It’s sad, but true.

MyVibe: New X-rated iPhone App

25 Jun
O baby! iphone turned vibrator

O baby! iphone turned vibrator

Yes, Apple has approved the first app that turns your phone into a vibrator. So now you can make calls and have an orgasm from the same device. MyVibe by MyPleasure lets users control the intensity of the vibrating pulse. This is crazy. I don’t own a iPhone yet. And I certainly won’t be borrowing anyone’s now that this app exists. Read more about MyVibe.

MyVibe App at iStore

MyVibe App at iStore

Check out the sales description. Too funny! If you’re willing to put your vajayjay where your mouth is, then buy all means order the MyVibe app by MyPleasure.

Cisco sues Apple over iPhone

12 Jan

Yowser! Apple has been in talks with Cisco over the name iphone for several years now. You see, Cisco has owned the trademark since 2000. And up until Apple’s iPhone launch a few days ago, they were still in talks. Obviously Apple’s iPhone announcement to the world came as a surprise to Cisco since they hadn’t agreed anything yet. And more importantly, because Cisco just launched their own product called iphone three weeks ago. So now Cisco and Apple are going to have to duke it out in court. As a result of this news, Apple stock fell and Cisco stocks went up yesterday.