Jang Ok Jung is like crack

27 Sep

Damn you, Korean dramas! I barely watch television anymore and then my husband showed me Dr. Jin and then Hulu recommended Jang Ok Jung. I watched 24 episodes = 24 hours in 4 days.

Jang Ok Jung is about how a concubine (born the daughter of a slave) falls in love with a King and rises to become a Queen during the Joseon Dynasty. It starred Kim Tae-Hee and Yoo Ah-In as the future Queen Mother and King SukJong.

Korean dramas are like crack. Every minute is packed with backstabbing, plots, and deceit. Instead of building up to a climax, every moment is a climax.  I now understand why people all over the world are obsessed with Korean dramas. I was immediately sucked into Jang Ok Jung by the beautiful hanboks and hair ornaments. As soon as all the political backstabbing started happening and the craziness in the palace, I was glued. My husband said the writers must use a scientific formula to write and that they understand how to write in a way that creates addiction.

Confession: I agree. We left our youngest without any clothes, except for her diaper for over 4 hours on Sunday. (Note: It was 77 degrees, so it’s not that bad. Right?) And we skipped our kids’ Mandarin class.

Warning: Watch at your own risk.

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