Disney’s “I Am A Princess” Commercial

5 Oct


Growing up, what I loved about the princess movie classics is that they taught me we’re all beautiful and we all deserve happiness. And of course, life isn’t always fair. The more current ones taught me that just because you don’t fit in doesn’t mean you don’t fit in. And that we’re all capable if we believe.

So now that I have a daughter, who is now two, I am curious how she will feel about princesses. In the last couple weeks she has expressed an interest in Disney Princesses, particularly Rapunzel from Tangled. Because she doesn’t talk quite well, I am unsure what is drawing her in. I think it may be the pretty dresses. She is really into fashion. But I am unsure if it something beyond it.

After watching the spot, I think it is cool to redefine princess through a modern Kate Middleton lense, but I don’t quite understand why we need to call all girls princesses and why they need to believe they are.

I feel like the values in this spot are important. And just because one has these values doesn’t make her a princess. It makes her a good person. My daughter is not a princess, but she exhibits some nice values sometimes. Like her compassionate moments where she snuggles with her baby sister. Her passion for exploring when she tries something new without being afraid. Her clapping and support when she sees her big brother do something great. She is not a princess. I will not call her that. Her name is Stella.

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