Free Banana Man!

22 Sep

I grew up in Stafford County, back when it was straight country. (I remember every year learning gun safety in school. Yeah, it used to be that country.) It was a sleepy town with not much going on. Taco Bell was always the place to be.

And now it’s like the 12th richest county in America with tons of people and fancy stores. Basically, it’s kept up with the times.

So seeing this video of an autistic freshman running around the Colonial Forge football field during half time and then getting suspended for the rest of the year really bothers me. It was half time. Nothing was happening. He did not interrupt a show. He simply entertained a crowd. What does it say about us as a society if we completely supress creative spontaneity? I mean people love it. Think flash mobs.

Creative spontaneity is something really valuable today. In a world, where most people live in a rat race, creative spontaneity is not only entertaining, but  something this world needs more of. It wakes us up. It inspires. It moves us–if just for a moment.

I am extremely disappointed that the school would take it as far as punishing a child for an entire year. And then to ban bananas from the school menu and ban anything that has a banana on it. Even kids who wore “Free Banana Man” on their shirts were supposively punished with Saturday school. What year is it? 1961? I guess I was wrong. Stafford County has not kept up with the times. I guess it will never change.

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