Cereal boxes that blink? That’s unfair!

13 Jan

general mills blinking cereal box

When I’m at the grocery store, sometimes I feel overwhelmed. My two kids in tote–singing and crying in tandem–just makes me want to go in and get the hell out. But that’s never the case, because there are too many freaking products to choose from.

I know I need milk, but 2% organic, 2% “our farmers pledge not to use growth hormones on the cows” or the 2% from “cows not treated with RGBh or whatever the hell it is.

Then there’s cereal. The aisle that always messes me up. There’s always too many choices. With the a wild toddler and a baby who want to get out of this place just as bad as I do, I just grab one and go.

So when I see packaging that’s as crazy as what’s on this video, I gotta think to myself, F___ you General Mills!

You see, I just want to pick one cereal. And when you create ridiculous packaging like this, well, it’s just not fair. Because it’s not like you’re creating it for me, trying to draw me in. It’s for kids and when kids see anything with flashing lights, they have to have it. Then I’ll find myself having to battle an unnecessary battle. So do me a favor, do not EVER bring this sort of packaging idea to the shelves in the US. It’s the last thing I need.


The technology used on these cereal boxes is brought to you by eCoupled. eCoupled provides an intelligent wireless power transmission that will change our way of life as we know it. Whether it’s a paper coffee cup that will stay warm as long as you want or appliances that no longer require cords, their technology is mind-blowing to say the least. But cereal boxes that light up? C’mon, it’s already tough enough being a parent. Use this technology to make our lives better, not worse by using it for advertising purposes.

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